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Natural Chews and Treats for dogs

Doggy Village natural dog chews and treats are a healthy variety and enrichment of a dog's diet, a great reward for your pet or a way to keep your dog occupied for a while. Production technology makes our chews aromatic and naturally tasty, as well as rich in nutritional value, all without the use of chemical enhancers, preservatives, or glycerin. We produce them exclusively from Polish meat sourced only from certified slaughterhouses.

No Chemicals:

All the treats are natural and contain no preservatives

For all dogs:

All the treats are good for dogs with sensitive stomach

No chocking:

There is no risk of chocking and easy to digest.

100% meat

All the treats contains 100% meat

Natural Dried dog snacks are perfect:

  1. To maintain healthy dog teeth (when dogs eat them help with removing tart) 
  2. Maintaining proper digestion (fur products help with cleaning the stomach)
  3. For great entertainment for your dog and an enjoyable time
  4.  Ideal snacks during the day
  5.  Perfect rewards during training
Doggy Village

All the Treats and chews of Doggy Village.

Carefully selected meat portions are subjected to low-temperature drying in order to preserve nutritional values.

The portions are then heat sterilized to ensure the safety of the dog food produced.​

What our customers say about our products

Sarah @sarahsmith
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I have a French bulldog picky in treats, which things like ear did not even sniff, but when he saw the hoof he immediately began to lick and chew it, also Mega chew for the dog.
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For my 30+ kg dog, chew-loving beast, it's just right for dessert after eating :)))) To chew in 10 minutes, but not too big, so that it does not roll on the bed:) I will order regularly, super price!
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Super snack for doggies, I ordered it for the first and not the last time
Mandy Smith
Mandy Smith@mandysmith87
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Very tasty according to Teddy he loved the guy stripes

Best Sellers

Natural Dog Treats

Top Rated Product

All treats are an excellent source of vitamins A, B6, C, D3, E and K and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iron. These nutrients will help your pup stay strong and healthy!

They provide hours of entertainment for your pet and are healthy for them!

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Hight quality Dog Treats

All the treats are made with love and Passion.


Dogs satisfaction

99% dogs who tries our treats they love it.

Natural Chews

Interesting to Know

All the natural Chews have health benefits and help dogs live healthy enjoyable life for you pup .

Small and medium Size dog selection

There is always treats for little ones

This treats are carefully

selected for little ones

who does not have such

a strong jaws

All Doggy Village treats are:

Natural and Mono-Ingredient

Produce in Poland

Made of 100% Fresh Meat

Subjected only to the Drying Process

Free of Dyes

Without Glycerin

No Preservatives

No Sugar

No Chemical or Flavor Enhancers

Doggy Village

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