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Pet Services

Are you thinking of vacation but, have no one who can stay with your dog. Here at Doggy Village we have solution for that. You don’t have to look for sitter far away just check out your community and there should be a sitter next door.

All of our sitters are verified and checked by our stuff where the dog will be staying.
We know not every dog is suitable for kennels that is why is better to stay in home environments

We, know that not every dog is suitable for kennels or big boarding facilities, that is why we created a grup of people who offer in house boarding. All our sitters are verified. Not only you want to go for vacation but also your dog and that is what we offer.

We, know that sometimes you need to go somewhere for whole day and don’t want your dog to be alone. That is why we are offering pet sitting options either in your own house or in sitter villa.

We believe that vert dog has to graduate at least puppy class to be a great citizen to community. We know how hard is to find a good trainer in Dubai that is why we also give you opportunity to connect with individual dog trainers who will guide you how to connect and interact with your dog.

Getting a dog it is a very responsible decision and not an easy one. We believe that every puppy which comes to life needs to be breed correctly. In Dubai you can not almost find dog breeders with FCI papers who breed according to international rules. That is why we want to connect you with breeders from Europe, who not only breed a show dogs but you also have insurance that the puppy is healthy and the parents were kept in proper condition

Sometimes you have no time in the morning to take your dog for a walk, that is why we can connect you with great dog walkers around your aria, who will give your dog enough activity, so your pup will be calm in the house.

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